You’ve got the low-hanging fruit.
We’ll help with the rest.

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Simply Remote Sales acts as an expansion of your sales team.

While you concentrate on your existing customers, we’ll reach the customers that you don’t have the time or inclination to engage with.
If a chain has 800 stores, why do most brands only sell to three quarters of them?
For most sales teams, it’s a simple equation: spend your time on the A and B-list stores and you will prosper.

After all, low-hanging fruit is the easiest kind to gather.
It’s a good philosophy. But could you do better?
Yes, you can!
Simply Remote Sales helps you harvest fruit that’s beyond arm’s reach. We bridge the gap between your customer list and the ones you actually call on.

By showing the C, D and E-list stores some love and attention, we build loyalty and drive incremental sales.

A category hiding in plain sight

Manufacturers, distributors and brokers all leave hard-to-reach fruit hanging on the tree. Lots of things get in the way: time, energy and people power, for example.

Simply Remote helps you break the pattern and take advantage of an entire category… one that was always there. We help you harvest all the fruit, chain by chain, store by store.

Apple tree

A proven process

We are food-industry sales professionals who know the ecosystem and all of the rules. We have a process that wins over store and department managers, one by one. Our secret lies is our approach, the time we invest, and our warm-hearted perseverance.

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It couldn’t be simpler

This is a simple move. For far-flung stores, in-person visits are an expensive proposition. At the same time, D-list stores might be the only option within an 80-kilometre radius. The sales potential is real!

Your prospects are ready for a distance relationship, whether you know it or not.

The tools we have at our disposal have levelled the playing field. The pandemic levelled it further. Every store is just a phone call, a Zoom conference or an email away.

Think you’d like to work with us?

If you think we might be good fit, let’s start with a quick chat. We mostly work with big companies, but we also work with smaller companies that we believe in.

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