Got too much of something?

We’ll help you find a home for it.

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Have some slower moving items on hand?

While you concentrate on your everyday business, we’ll help find a home for any excess inventory you might have...
Simply Remote will help you sell through your excess inventory before it expires.
Most businesses carry a wide variety of products for their customers, but sometimes this could leave large amounts of extra inventory in the backroom every month.

These items could add up to a startling amount of valuable overstock that is normally is left behind, forgotten, or just bumped aside to the end of the priority list.

Most of the time, these products will expire or spoil and then need to be disposed into our landfills. This could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in food waste every year.

This is when Simply Remote was born!

We found a way to help connect businesses with eachother, so they can buy & sell their excess inventory. Our mission is to help businesses eliminate food waste, and turn their excess inventory into dollars.
Simply Remote acts as an extention of your sales team, we are here to connect you with other business who may be looking to buy your excess products.

We can help turn that excess inventory into revenue.
Simply Remote will help you push through your excess inventory and reduce your losses before your product expires. We help bridge the gap between your excess inventory and the company who will be buying it.

By showing your excess list of products on our platform, and "giving them a little more attention". We help inform other businesses about your overstock and help you sell what you have on hand.

Food costs are at an all time high...

Manufacturers, distributors and grocery stores are challenged with excess food on a daily basis. There are many reasons why businesses in the food industry become "stuck" with the extra inventory. This could be caused by cancelled orders, insufficient storage space, unpredictable seasonal demands, inaccurate forecasting, over-runs, short shelf-life.

With food costs at an all time high, Simply Remote will help you reduce your losses and sell the excess inventory that you don't have time to sell…. helping you save you time and money. While you continue to focus on your daily objectives and other priorities, we will focus on the rest.

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A proven process that works

We are food-industry experts who understand the struggles with having too much inventory and not knowing where the inventory is going to go if it expires. We have a process that works and will help reduce your costs associated with food waste. Case by case, we will help redirect food to other companies who are actually in need of it. Our secret lies in the time and attention we give to each product on our platform. We want your product to be sold, we want it to be eaten, enjoyed and we want to help you be more profitable too:)

Like to learn more? Find out how it works

Here is how it works...

Simply post a picture of your product on our platform, share the details, specs, pricing, quantity available along with any pick up/delivery details on your page. Once the product is entered, it will be shared instantly with other business owners Canada wide.

We built our platform so it can be available all day, everyday, at your fingertips, so you can quickly search to see what other companies have on hand and would like to sell.

Now you can share any excess food you might have in your backroom, at a reduced price, and not have to worry about how you are going to make up for that loss.

It's that simple:)

With food costs rising everyday, we need to make more of an effort to waste less. We also need to pay closer attention to the ripple effect of wasting food and how it affects everyone around us. By posting and selling your excess food on our platform, you would also be helping other businesses save money on their cost of goods too.  

Simply Remote will help reduce your losses and you will be more profitable - but you will also help others be more profitable too.

Waste Less - Helping Others - A Better World

Think you’d like to work with us?

If you think we might be good fit, let’s start with a quick chat. We mostly work with manufacturers, distrubtors, grocery stores, but we also work with smaller companies that we believe in.

Just Get in Touch and let’s talk!


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