How It Works

Our Process

Understanding your business

We start by gaining an understanding of your business. When we meet, we’ll ask a long list of questions. What distinguishes your products compared to competitors’? What does your customer base look like? Which are your best customers? And many more. We’ll ask you to sketch out your sales process and we’ll find out about sales reach.

Finding fresh fruit

Next, we’ll identify the gaps between the customers you can sell to and those that you do sell to. With your help, we’ll prioritize chains and independent stores that have fallen through the cracks.

On-brand approach

We’ll formulate proposed messaging and approach, sharing it with you to make sure that we’re on-brand. Then we’ll tackle each store on a planned, prioritized basis.

Thorough reporting

We’ll share our progress with you as we go. You’ll know when you get additional sales, but we’ll also keep you aware of any processes that are standing in the way of making a sale.


The end result is additional recurring sales that increase to a steady flow. You’re going to need some new apple boxes!


We offer three plans to choose from and you can switch from one to another whenever you like. The longer the time commitment, the less you pay in sales commission. We can also build a customized plan to fit your needs.


$ 2000/mo
  • 4 months
  • plus 5% commission


$ 2500/mo
  • 8 months
  • plus 3% commission


$ 3000/mo
  • 12 months
  • plus 2% commission

Like to learn more? Please get in touch with us by email or call us at 289-325-4879.