How it works

Too much stock on hand?

Too much produce on hand? Maybe you have too much meat or dairy with a short shelf-life? Perhaps you have too many cakes, pies, or baked goods after seasonal forecasting.

Normally, our first inclination is to start to panicking a little and then to start reaching out to everyone we know to see if they need the product. We start asking ourselves, what are we going to do with all this extra product? How are we going to "find a home for it?"

Now, you can post pictures of your excess inventory with Simply Remote and sell your overstock at a reduced price, rather than the product reaching it's expiry date or spoiling.

Which items to post

First, identify which products you have excess inventory of and start posting pictures. You have a better chance of selling products when have a picture shown beside it. Then, take a picture of the product in its packaging, whether it's in a case or shrink wrapped on a pallet, the more information you provide, the better:) After entering the details about your product, finalize your post with Simply Remote to arrange a successful pick up.

Posting your overstock

We will guide you through this process. Our platform will allow you to post as many items as you wish. Once your products start selling, you can watch your overstock "find a new home" and sit back while your excess inventory quickly turns into dollars.

Monitor your sales

We’ll share your progress with you as you go with monthly tracking of your sales. We will also keep you aware of any obstacles that could be standing in the way of making a sale, such as pricing, pack size, logistics. We know that sometimes it will take some extra teamwork to find a home for your product and we are here to partner with you on this. We are always here for you. Every step of the way...

Free advertising on Social Media

We would love for you to refer us to another business. If another business signs up with Simply Remote because you told them about us, we will create 3 free ads about your business and post them on Social Media. This is our way of giving back to you...just for helping us :)


We offer 3 packages for you to choose from. We can also build a customized plan to fit your needs.


  • 1 ad/month


$ 149/month
  • 2 ads/month


$ 299/month
  • 5 ads/month

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