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About Simply Remote

Our Journey

Gena Allan has always had a passion for food. With over 25 years of sales experience in the food industry, she noticed how much food was being wasted due to short shelf-life, insufficient storage, seasonal demands and forecasting, production over-runs, slower sell through, and discontinued items.

Gena noticed this was a struggle that most businesses faced in the food industry, and wanted to do something to about it...

Gena realized that there should be a platform to connect businesses with eachother, so they can easily buy and sell excess inventory with eachother.  This way, businesses would be saving money, wasting less, and helping eachother be more profitable.

B2B is the answer

B2B is the answer. Many manufacturers, distributors, grocery stores struggle with excess food and best before date issues, while at the same time, other businesses are searching for the exact same food items. If there was only a B2B platform for businesses to share their excess inventory on, there would be a lot less waste and a lot more profitable businesses.

Then Simply Remote was born!

Gena realized she could do this remotely. Without a single in-person visit, she proved that this platform could reach a wide audience using her unique method. Once businesses started sharing their excess inventory, she quickly realized that, more and more businesses had "too much of something" and wanted to sell it. Simply Remote's process works and helps businesses buy and sell their excess inventory at a reduced price, before the best before date is an issue and cannot be sold.

Overstock issues

One common issue that Gena noticed, was that no matter how big or small a businesses was, everyone shared the same challenges with upcoming best-before dates, slower moving products, discontinued items, and excess inventory due to seasonal demands.

The solution that Gena came up with was create a method where businesses can share all types of food and ingredients at reduced prices, rather than having it sit in their backrooms waiting to be used....or to not be used at all.

A process that works!

Finally... A process that works! Gena created a proven process that works. With Simply Remote, once we have completed our initial analysis, we can start right away and you will see results in the first month.

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